Thursday, December 17, 2009

Well... I've been very bad about posting new stuff. I continue to hear new and different things. Before my surgery (to qualify for the CI) one of the tests was to repeat the words of sentences the computer read to me. Before my CI, my right ear got a 0%, that's right, zippo! I could hear some sounds, just not make any sense of it. At my last visit to the audiologist, I repeated the test and missed one word out of all of the sentences. Since they throw out one of the tests (2 out of 3) I can say I scored 100%!

I've likely driven some of my office mates nuts asking what different sounds are, but to their credit, they've been extremely patient (which I've HUGELY appreciated). There was a rattle in the HVAC system somewhere above my desk and thankfully I wasn't the only one to hear it, but the horrible thing was it was right above MY desk! I think it's been fixed now, since I no longer hear it.

I've discovered iPods! I've been loading my music onto the two that I have and have started listening to them a lot. I have a much better appreciation for it now. It's now just that I like the tune or the beat... I can hear the words (and I still like it).