Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I would've been there and back by now, had I gone on the originally planned trip. I can only imagine God has something different planned for me. I'm itching to get down there and start working, especially after having seen the Travel Channel's special on the USS Comfort's docking.

It sure seems even the folks in charge can't figure out what is supposed to happen. I just hope when/if something like this happens again, whether it be a Tsunami on the West coast, a massive earthquake, volcano eruption, or even a terrorist attack, we'll be ready and not tripping over each other and doing nothing. Obviously one group or person needs to be in charge and have the relief efforts coordinated through that group. It also is good all the churches and non-profit organizations really stepped up to fill in the gaps (huge gaping gaps!) in the system. I don't think enough has been said about this.

I'm starting to get excited (again) about the trip!
Sunday at the 11am service, the guy who drove the Christmas Toys down to OSMS spoke. He talked about how huge and widespread the destruction is, comparing it to describing the Grand Canyon to someone. You can take pictures, you can describe it verbally, but there's just no way to fully understand it until you see it yourself.

I can't exactly say I'm looking "forward" to seeing it all myself, but I'm definitely eager to help and do whatever I can.

He also talked about how every person who goes down has been very affected by their trip and how they usually feel like they have received far more than they have given. I expect this won't be an easy trip, but I am open to God's calling and whatever He wants to do in my life regarding this trip. Trying to stay open is challenging, but with His patience I'll succeed.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Whew! I CAN post with my Treo! This will mean I can blog my way from now to OSMS and back! Stay tuned while I keep my musings public!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hurry up and wait!

Well so much for leaving in December! Not enough folks wanted to go the week of December 10th, so I've decided to go on the January trip (14-21).