Sunday, November 16, 2008

Okay... we're in the final countdown now! Folks keep asking me how I feel, and I'm not really sure how to answer. I'm excited about the possibility of being able to hear better, but it's just that - a possibility, not a guarantee. I'm trying to go into this with low expectations and high hopes.

I'm totally NOT looking forward to the actual part of surgery. The last surgery I had (my gall bladder), I didn't come out of anesthesia very well. I just wanted to keep sleeping. Finally I drug myself off the gurney and out to the car, then slept on the way home, and slept at home a bunch more. I kept thinking feeling crappy was never going to end, but of course it did. I just need to remind myself (or have my family and friends remind me) "this too shall pass"!

I'm preparing myself to get comfy in my living room: getting the laptop ready; bought a new game for my Nintendo DS; have a shelf full of books to read and just enjoying my friends and family. I'll be housed in the living room on either my new (to me) recliner or my very comfy couch, until my parents and Aunt Beverly head home on Saturday (?).

I'm nervous about the surgery... there's always some possibility of stuff going wrong with anything. I just have to trust God knows what he is doing and will guide my doctors and nurses and God's will will be done in all this. That's where I'm finding the most peace, is trusting God to do what God does best, and trying to keep my hands off.

Speaking of hearing better... my implant does not get "activated" or "turned on" until January 7, 2009. Then I will begin a long process of teaching my brain to hear again. I'll be listening to books on tape along with the book and hoping I can get a couple of different people to read to me. I need to teach my brain what is being said matches the words on the page.

My 'need to know' what to expect continues... I will be asking more questions of my doctor and his team and posting more here.

Please keep me (and my doctors and nurses and audiologist) in your prayers.


Lisa said...

It's only a few more days!!! I'll be thinking about you and hoping it all goes fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Holly, Howard and I are praying for successful surgery. We are also praying that you will rapidly recover aand go on to learn to use your new hearing as easily as is possible.

Love, Helen & Howard