Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Well... yesterday was the big day! I got up at 4am (eww) and Deborah & I made it to OSU Hospital by 5:30 am. Admitting got us checked in and so began the "hurry up and wait" process. We actually didn't have to wait too long for any of the steps. They took us upstairs to wait for a room, and it was only about a 5-10 minute wait. Got to the room and changed into my lovely designer gown! I had the joy of peeing in a cup... (are you ready for this?) for a pregnancy test! ROFL! I assured them there was no possible way I could be pregnant, but apparently they have to test everyone! (btw - I'm not pregnant).

The nurse came in and said they were trying to get the anesthesiologist to come up and talk to me, so I could keep my glasses & hearing aid in. The transport folks showed up and took me down for surgery. I talked to the anesthesiologist out in the hallway. This isn't standard - they usually do this in the surgery room, for privacy issues, but they needed to have their masks on in the surgery room (making it impossible for me to read their lips).

Since I was nervous, it felt like forever, but was likely only a couple of minutes.The anesthesiologist started up my IV and my surgeon (Dr. Brad Welling) reassured me that everything would be fine. The anesthesiologist gave me the first shot in my IV, then a second shot, then the next thing I remember is waking up in the recovery room. The surgery took 3 hours and about 45 minutes, then I was in recovery for about an hour and a half. They took me back up to my room and watched me for another hour or so, after giving me a pain pill. On a trip back from the bathroom I looked in the mirror - EEEK! I have a lovely topless turban with a big bulge over my right ear. I have to leave it on for 2 days, which means I can wash up just after my parents get here on Wednesday.

I was on my way home by 2:30 or so. Stopped at the grocery store to fill my prescription and get a few groceries (I slept in the car while Deborah went in). Got home and she settled in my new (to me) recliner and I have been here since yesterday. Deborah is a wonderful nurse and has been taking very good care of me without hovering. Just a perfect balance of being there and giving me space.

I slept fitfully last night but I've been napping more than sleeping. Pain pill, nap, pain pill nap, etc.


Dave said...

Certainly good news that you're not knocked up. Boy, would THAT have taken some explaining!!
I KNOW this is going to work out well, and the effort/pain/cost will be absolutely worth it & more.
Thinking of you throughout!
Huge, giant hugs for a very brave Lady!

Lisa said...

Glad it all went well, I bet you are anxious for January now!

Glad you have a good nurse, and I am glad you aren't pregnant LMAO

fitteacher said...

This is excellent news, Holly! Please, keep us posted. Each day, as you know will get better, and the 10th day is always the big "change to normal" (whatever that means) day. I really enjoy reading your updates! Hugs and Kisses, Janet

Tina said...

Thank you for your humor! As many have said already, this current discomfort and pain will be worth it in the long run. Know that I am thinking about you.
Take good care, TK